Information Technology


Cleaning of all system & temporary files including spyware, viruses, and malware

* Prices vary

Password Recovery

Lost login passwords on Windows

Data Recovery

Data recovery on Windows, Mac, & Linux

* Prices vary

Custom Build

Custom built PC's.

All parts of your choosing or let us pick the parts for your budget.

* Prices vary

Domain Email

Buy and set up domain email. Domain email hosted using Google Apps for work.

* Prices vary


Custom built websites.

  • Fully responsive

  • Free hosting *

* Prices vary

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More Details

Cleanup $40 - $60

Bring in your computer and we will clean out yout computers components inside and out. We will also cable manage if nessicary to improve airflow.

Service Features:

  • Physically clean both the interior and exterior so they stay in good condition.

  • Support for both mac and PC's. We work on both Mac and PC cleaning and optimizing your system to make it run like new.

What to bring: (if Applicable)

  • Devices power-cable

  • Password

Password Recovery $30

Recover lost of forgotten passwords on most systems.

We provide password recovery service for most Windows operating systems and Mac OS X.

As with our data recovery solutions, our password recovery services feature a no data, no charge policy.

Data Recovery $40 - $100

Accidentally deleted all your photos or documents? Or formatted your drive?

Just drop off your computer, hard drive, flashdrive, or SD card, and we will make sure to recover your lost data.

Our data recovery service features a no data, no charge policy.

Custom Build (Starting at $50)

Custom build your next computer with Batnert. You choose your parts bring them to us and we will put it together.

Our most used online builder is PC Part Picker.

Domain Email (Starting at $250)

Get your personalized email!

Using G Suite I can set you up with your own email address. Each new email address costs $5 and comes with 30 GB of storage. Every email made would have access to all the Google Apps including but not limited to Mail, Docs, Sheets, and Drive. Full List here.

Cost – Explained

The domain: Domains are usually $16 per year.

The Setup: $250 initial fee of getting everything set up

Per Email: Each email costs $7.80 a month and the billing for this would be set up on your credit card.

I have plenty of experience with G Suite. I am currently Managing 3 G Suite domains and have helped set up 6 domains in total with over 5 years of experience.

Website $100 - $1,000

Needing a website for personal or business needs?

We offer custom websites that are fully responsive, HTML5 and CSS3.

With a basic custom site we also offer FREE hosting!

Please contact for pricing.


For other projects please email

* Prices Vary


Due to varying issues during cleanup the price will change. As well there may be a need to reinstall if a machine is beyond recovery in some cases.

Data Recovery

Due to the many different devices and severity of data loss the price will change.

Custom Build

Due to the complexity of some custom builds the price will change.

Domain Email

Prices will change based off the number of users to create and personal vs. business use.


Depending on the varying features you may require the price will change.